Environmental Monitoring


Giles County Farm Bureau.  Evaluation of indoor air contamination from bat guano.  Sampled office building and evaluated possible contamination by Histoplasma capsulatum bacteria.

Confidential Client. Microbiological Contamination Assessment.  Assessed surface contamination by molds and bacteria at newly-constructed hospital.  Developed representative sampling plan and used sterile technique to obtain representative samples of possible microbiological contamination in large structure.  Recommended remediation procedures and ongoing monitoring program.

Amoco Oil Company.  Off-Site Air Toxics Evaluation.  Performed off-site indoor air quality investigation and health risk assessment to evaluate potential impacts from suspected off-site migration of petroleum products.  Approximately 200 residences were evaluated for benzene air concentrations over the short term (grab samples) and long term (three-week samples).  Air quality data were compared with concurrently collected ambient benzene data and were evaluated for both risk assessment and geographical significance.  Air quality data were considered in conjunction with soil and groundwater contamination data to evaluate possible correlation.

Confidential Food Manufacturer.  Air Quality Industrial Hygiene.  Performed assessment of air contamination resulting from transformer fire at large food manufacturing facility.  Monitored industrial hygiene air for airborne and surface PCB and particulate contamination.

Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine.  Indoor air quality assessment.  Monitored indoor air and evaluated effectiveness of dissecting table downdraft ventilation system for removing formaldehyde fumes in Gross Human Anatomy laboratory.  Advised client regarding compliance with OSHA permissible exposure limits.

Robert Ponziano, Attorney.  Expert testimony.  Performed analysis and identification of soot accumulating in residential structure.  Reviewed technical reports evaluating potential sources of soot.  Provided deposition and expert testimony regarding composition and potential sources of soot deposition.

Des Champs Industries.  Indoor air quality assessment.  Completed indoor air industrial hygiene monitoring related to particulate exposure from welding operations, and to volatile compounds exposure related to spray paint operation.  Advised client regarding compliance with related OSHA exposure limits.

Smyth County Lifetime Wellness Center.  Indoor air quality assessment.  Completed indoor air quality and human exposure assessment related to exposure of swimmers to chlorine and chlorine by-products and an indoor pool facility.  Recommended changes in ventilation system and water treatment to alleviate exposure.

Forsyth County, NC.  Ambient Air Monitoring Network.  Managed an extensive ambient air monitoring network in central North Carolina.  Pollutants monitored on a continuous basis included CO, SO2, NOX, O3; TSP, PM10, and lead, which were monitored every six days.  Established electronic data logging with phone line hookup and PC-based reporting system.  Identified and established new monitoring sites to meet PSD, national air monitoring stations (NAMS), and state local air monitoring system (SLAMS) criteria.

Confidential Client.  Hazardous Waste Site Air Monitoring Plan.  Reviewed contamination assessment for hazardous waste remediation site in northern Ohio.  Used information to design air surveillance program to identify ambient concentrations of targeted VOCs and metals on-site and near residential areas beyond site boundaries.

Kewaunee Scientific Corporation.  Evaluation of particulate deposition.  Evaluated particulate deposition on cars and other outside surfaces at this furniture manufacturing facility.  Identified potential source of deposition, and recommended changes to exhaust collection and filtration systems to mitigate deposition.

Hollingsworth and Vose.   Acrylic Acid Effluent/Emissions Assessment.  Measured acrylic acid loss to wastewater, indoor air, and ambient (stack) air through pilot manufacturing process.  Undertook indoor air quality assessment.  Assessed regulatory implications for client.  Re-evaluated impact following change to production line.

Adlai E. Stevenson High School.  Odor Assessment.  Performed odor assessment and ambient air monitoring for hydrogen sulfide-emitting irrigation well system.